Universal Company Announcement

Universal Company Announcement

Following a strategic review of the direction that the business should take in future years, it was decided in the Summer that Universal would focus on caring for existing clients and not continue with the expansion created from its national marketing campaign.

With this in mind, it is currently undergoing considerable re-structuring in all departments, and because of the decision to consolidate its operations, has recently reduced its number of office and field based staff. The intention is to focus efforts on improving the existing client experience which has suffered in recent months.

During this transition, we understand that some existing clients have not received the level of service that we aim to provide as we adjust to these new working arrangements. However, please rest assured that the business continues to run with a reduced, but dedicated, team as we try to balance staff levels with long term workload.

Despite these temporary difficulties the business endeavours to operate as normal and is continuing to service the needs of its clients on a day to day basis. We fully understand that some clients have been inconvenienced while we make these adjustments and if you have been affected, we would ask you to please remain patient with us. 

We would like to offer our apologies to anyone who has experienced a delay in outgoing correspondence and for any issue you may have experienced in contacting the office to date. We are working hard to minimise disruption to our clients during this challenging period. 

If we act as Trustees or manage a trust on your behalf and you have a query or need assistance, we would ask that you email your specific trust enquiries to us at:-


This is the preferred means of contact and will ensure that your query goes swiftly to the correct department and will help to reduce delays.

You can also contact us by calling 01473 808080 and leaving a voice message. At this time, we no longer have the need for a full-time receptionist. Messages are collected regularly and we will endeavour to respond to you in a timely fashion. Please ensure that adequate details are provided to enable us to respond to you effectively.

For all other general enquiries please email:- Enquiries@Universalgroup.co.uk.

The executive senior management affirms its full commitment to its clients, and is grateful for the support of all those clients who have been so very understanding to date. 

We understand that there has been some negative speculation during this transition period and although we have changed our working practices and our initial method of client contact, we would like to reassure our clients that no Universal company has gone into receivership or administration.

Once again, we would like to thank all those affected for your patience and understanding during this crucial, yet positive, strategic and operational adjustment.