Who are Universal Wealth Preservation?

Universal Wealth Preservation comprises a number of family owned companies that combine to offer an holistic multidisciplinary service. Originally established by the founder as a sole trader over twenty years ago, the business has grown to provide tax, trust and estate planning solutions for thousands of families throughout the UK. The combined skills enable us to furnish our clients with a range of highly specialist estate and planning solutions.

Can you explain in a single sentence what you do?

We protect family wealth for future generations.

How can you help me protect my family wealth?

By using a range of specialist tax and estate planning solutions that traditionally have only been available to the landed gentry and high net worth families and tailoring them to suit the circumstances of everybody who wants to preserve wealth for themselves and for their family. In this way you are able to keep more of what you have and to preserve your wealth to enable you to pass it on to your loved ones.

Why should I instruct Universal Wealth Preservation?

Our highly qualified team of professionals comprising lawyers, accountants, estate and trust practitioners many of whom are STEP members and/or STEP qualified have extensive experience in the whole area of personal wealth management and estate protection planning. They have the expertise and specialist knowledge to advise you.

What is STEP and why is STEP membership important?

STEP stands for the Society of Trust & Estate Practitioners and is the worldwide professional association for practitioners dealing with family inheritance and succession planning. It promotes education and high professional standards among its members who abide by the STEP code of conduct.

To read more about STEP click here. 

I see that your Head Office is based in Suffolk and you don’t have any branch offices near me. Can you still help me?

Yes, absolutely. Although our Head Office is based in Suffolk we have estate planning consultants based across the country who offer a local service wherever you are located, which means they can come to you rather than you having to come to us.

You say that you’re different. Can you expand on the Universal Wealth Preservation difference?

Because we have created a strong team of individuals with skills that complement one another we have the breadth of expertise to advise you on all legal and financial succession planning matters. Take a look at our services pages to see what solutions we can provide for you.

Tell me more about the Keep it in the Family seminar.

We regularly run seminars throughout the country, the purpose of which is to provide people with relevant information so that they understand how they can protect their assets for themselves and for their descendants, hence the title Keep it in the Family. You can find out more information or make a booking for one of our forthcoming seminars by visiting our Keep it in the Family page.